Some of the things I do.


Some people know who I am away from the website, but others may not; and be curious to what I do?

Well, simply put I take photos, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Apart from taking photos, I do graphic design, website construction, web management and I do some translation work as well; these are some things that are not often seen by folk who don't look behind the scenes but they are there.

In my "normal" photography, I am an all rounder type of photographer, having cut my teeth on reportage and journalism, but also I undertake a lot of landscape work, events and also a lot of music work; as can be seen on this site as I'm the photographer for a few large level local bands.

Then there is the more "extreme" stuff, I spend a lot of time with my camera pointed in to things like the local correfocs, as well as thunderstorms (I do a lot of research work here to build systems to catch these, and the results can be found more on the subdomain of this site here : Electric Landscapes).

Also when I'm not taking photographs, I also take hardware to pieces, not literally (well sometimes literally) and test them out.

That's just some of the things, and as this site develops (touch wood, nothing breaking again!) then there'll be more things to show on here from other projects and different directions I work in.