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I’m a photographer living near Barcelona, sometimes I build things with electronics relating to photography; and I like thunderstorms.

Most of the photography I do is very boring, it’s repetitive and whilst one or two of the same thing in a gallery here would be reasonable to have a look at, imagine if it was the same thing for pages and pages… That’s why most of the photography here is personal stuff not work I’ve done for clients.

For years I was the tour photographer with Autoput, also I shoot a lot of other music events, and I’m quite comfortable working in conditions that could be considered quite tricky.

The storm work, that’s personal fun, but it’s something I find relaxing and I’m surprised how people are surprised how pretty a storm looks when it’s captured “frozen” on a camera where the human eye doesn’t really see what is happening.

This site is an accumulation of three sites, as I like building websites, it’s something I’ve done for years, but at the same time like most people I hit a wall when it comes to keeping them updated and maintained.

Have a look around, and keep checking back as there may be some updates further on with other interesting things either in the photography, or electronics departments.