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A Raspberry addiction?

18 Sep

When I was a kid, I used to spend hours at the local pick your own; but… Different types of raspberries!

Even though the Raspberry Pi is now “old tech”, it’s something I’ve only recently started to take seriously; sure I’ve looked at them previously but I’ve never really found a decent use case for them, and found them a bit under-whelming for what I’ve wanted to do. That in turn meant that I’d be using a full size computer for something instead of a little SoC device.

With getting in to astrophotography, one of the side effects is that I’ve started looking at the Raspberry more, and by-proxy Linux with interfaces (as opposed to CLI over SSH); this has surprised me, even though any form of Linux probably won’t become my primary operating system any time soon, as I’ve two applications that I use regularly which aren’t supported under Linux, but from the days of scratching around with a live disk off the front of a magazine, from an end user perspective Linux is pretty good!

The biggest thing with Linux I’m using at the moment are both the kStars/Ekos package and Indi for controlling and guiding the astro mount, which is nothing more fancy than a Skywatcher Star Adventurer 2i under EQMOD (I’ll put something together about that some other time, as I’ve heard of a few folk running one of these under EQMOD, but not seen anything out there regarding it and when pressed for information, folk seem to be quiet about it). That took a while to set up, but seems to work pretty well in testing but since April I’ve not managed to have enough time to get a proper “first light” on things.

Then after that, finding the usefulness of the Raspberry, and listening to whines from folk about things, the Pi’s started breeding. In between listening to folk who don’t live here whining about “Smart TV” or network printers, both of them were projects which took shape and got put together. I don’t see the point in scrapping the TV to buy another one especially when it’s only used when other folk are here, nor do I see the need to buy another printer when I’ve a rack in the basement where folk have given me them because they don’t want to buy ink as they think a new printer is cheaper (my other half is a specialist at this, even though the commissioning inks are a reduced capacity compared to a retail set) or because the printer doesn’t automagically connect to WiFi. So what started as one Pi, now is 3 for the time being. This will probably change, as now with using the Pi for the astro rig, also the TV (running Kodi) and a print server, I’m starting to get more used to the idea of machine per job instead of big machine for all jobs.

Given time, I’ll probably lather on a bit more about things with this; with a bit of space (literally and metaphorically) I may do something and if I manage anything interesting then maybe that’ll get shared as well…

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