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StrikeFinder V2

22 Apr

The StrikeFinder V2, built by StrikeFinder in St Antonio, Texas is a small camera mounted device that plugs in to the shutter release port on the camera, has an on/off switch and a little red LED and that’s it.

Very simple in its outward design; it doesn’t need fiddling with or connecting to an external source for control input. Internally it is very similar to the original StrikeFinder, an Infra Red detection circuit coupled to an ATMega368 (that’s the reason mine was open, I find the ATMega368 is prone to noise, especially lightning generated, so with many years of experience around guitars I also ground shield the triggers). The biggest difference between it and the original is that it’s got an automatically setting sensitivity circuit, and also has focus locking as well.

In terms of use, it’s a good all round; it’s not going to drop a lot during the daylight, especially if it’s bright as that’s the nature of the way it works, but in low light or at night it is a very fast device; and also one thing it has in it’s favour is that it runs on “normal” (not rechargeable, or daft sized, nor things that require sometimes noisy boost circuits) power supplies in the form of a PP3 battery.

The last I bought were 110€ each, direct from manufacturer :

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