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All the stuff on here, unless stated that it is from a third party with permission to use is copyrighted. That means, you are not allowed to use it for posting to wherever you feel fit, you cannot use it for your own purposes, nor can you use it as any form of promotion or to gain interaction on social media/website/print/wherever.

Just because it’s on here or any of my social media accounts doesn’t mean it’s free to use, nor does it mean that it’s free to share without permission. It doesn’t matter if there is a watermark on it or not, it’s still mine and will be up until 75 years after my death. And my lawyer is a bit of a bastard.


On here there are talk about micro electronics, building things, attaching things to other things that generally haven’t been tested on any other kit than my own; and there are also things that I do on here that you may wish to emulate.

You are free to try any of this, there’s no law saying you can’t, but if you screw something up or end up in a mess from it; that’s your thing, not mine, not anyone else’s. I can’t show you how to be responsible, I can’t tell you how to make decisions and if you can’t do it yourself and just follow blindly on things, then stuff here isn’t for you.

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