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One of my other things is working with electronics; and whilst it may not seem like a first line marriage between electronics and photography, trust me, it’s a useful thing to have in the tool kit.

Around and about there are either photography gadgets that cost a lot of money, or they don’t exist; and rather unsurprisingly a lot of them aren’t that difficult to put together but because of the market for them (or lack of) then that makes them hard to get in to.

With the catch-22 situation of having a need for something, and only having a limited use or not enough budget on it, I’ve built up things for the purpose and if I get around to doing so, I’ll be putting some bits up on here.

I work a lot with micro-controllers, and some people will take a sharp intake of breath and think “Arduino basher”, which sometimes is true, sometimes not because the Arduino is nothing more than a development platform, it’s the chip that is king. Sometimes I’ll use a dev board, sometimes socketed, sometimes an ATMega, sometimes an ATTiny; and then other times neither as the bits don’t need it.

If there’s something on here that is interesting to you, feel free to use it; but please don’t contact me for things that aren’t covered on here that are outside of the scope of the website, or with issues on your own builds as if they aren’t covered here then they aren’t covered for a reason; and for your own builds, I can’t lay hands on what you are building so I can’t do anything with it.

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More Barn Door

Relative to the post here, I’ve been doing some more work on the beast… With the code as written with the additions to shut the system down at 60 minutes, as well as the modifications for interrupts (you are reading Nick’s site aren’t you?), on my rig after an hour I’d got a drift of […]

28 Oct
Barn Door Tracker.

Some old tech, some thoroughly modern. For a long time I’ve had the itch to go point the camera at the stars, it’s been one of them things that have been in the back of the mind since I moved to where I am and can see loads straight out of the back door. One […]

27 Oct
Homebrewing a Beast. (3)

At the end of the season in 2018, I sat down with the noise maker and started looking at it, wondering what I could do to improve the odds of getting a strike on the camera at any time of the day; in the design I had the forethought to separate the input side of […]

17 Jul
Homebrewing a Beast. (2)

What brought me to this point was working with other triggers, and my favourite is the StrikeFinder V2; I’ve a couple and I really like them but one of the greatest frustrations I’ve faced for years is that a lot of the storms in this area especially during the summer are isolated, and occur in […]

04 Jul
Homebrewing a beast. (1)

Many years ago, when I got in to lightning photography there wasn’t much, if any resource out there regarding triggering systems. Well, there wasn’t much of an internet to be honest and whilst there were a few resources, there weren’t what we have at our disposal today. The only one I can remember finding when […]

23 Jun
Don’t do delay…

I’ve been working with Arduinos and AVR chips for a few years now in my projects, and one thing I’ve found with all of them if using the ADC for continual reading in conjunction with some form of output switching on a pin (say driving an LED or an opto-isolator) is that I’m not too […]

18 Jun
Building in isolation.

In regards to the post regarding galvanic separation the other day, when I build things, this is my go to circuit… So, what this is here, it is a simple opto-isolator running on a 5v input line; when it gets power from the 5v, it goes high, when it doesn’t it goes low. And in […]

03 May
Galvanic Separation / Isolation

When building things like camera or flash triggers, one of the most important things in my design plan is starting with the bit that separates the camera from the actual trigger and working back from there. A lot of the time, my choice of equipment for this is an opto-isolater, usually the PC817, but sometimes […]

01 May
Introduction To This Section of the Site

What is this section? Well, it concerns electronic devices that I use with photography; some of them I’ve built myself, some of them I’ve bought.

22 Apr