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Lightning Triggers

One of my most used photography tools outside of the camera, are my lightning strike detectors; in the last few years of trying to get good photos of lightning, I’ve found that there isn’t a singular device that can cover all bases.

Different triggers have different profiles and depending on what you are after, then different triggers may be better for certain parts of the day (or night) than others.

In my bag I have a mix of off the shelf, and also some that I have built myself; and whilst I’m not going to attempt to review all the triggers that have come across my workbench, it’d be hard as there’s not any two storms the same so no fixed conditions to which to work, hopefully some of the information here would be useful if you are in to chasing storms and want to get a bit of an assist to get strikes.

This is not designed to be a definitive guide to what the triggers are, it’s just personal experience as I can’t afford to test each and every single thing on the market, and after quite a few years I’ve got expectations what I want with a triggering system and what I don’t want as well.

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Lightning Triggers

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