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Forced stop or unexpected opportunity?

25 Apr

If you’d have asked me six months back what I would be doing today; I doubt that I’d have even contemplated being stuck indoors with a virus rolling around the world. Perhaps being indoors recovering from an operation to the knee or perhaps getting back in to shape after being stuck in for the winter, but this… Wouldn’t have been the first thing to cross my mind.

Now, though, six months ago seems an awfully long time… In that time, though, it has given me an opportunity to look at things I would never have had the time for otherwise; the other day, as an example, I played around with polarised light and plastics, reflected colours in bottles, stacked some focusing. This felt odd, as this is stuff which pops up in magazines, or on the walls of friends who do sessions of this in a camera club, but things that haven’t crossed my radar because it’s not usually in a working scenario. Odd, yes, fun also.

On the other side of the lockdown, it’s given me chance to sit down with paper and pencils and design some new bits of kit; I’ve spent hours with calculations, bread boards and things just trying out little circuits to see if I can improve on my own things. Funnily enough, with having time, I’ve perhaps not answered yet the questions of can I improve my own things, but I’ve found a lot more questions to look for the answers to.

This has thrown up a few challenges though; getting hold of components has changed, which in itself isn’t surprising given the constraint of the supply chains at the moment and perhaps for the foreseeable future, but that in itself hasn’t been a bad thing, per se… It has made me think differently about things, has made me get more creative when it comes to putting ideas together and offered answers (or questions) to things I’ve got so engrained in to doing that habits have been broken or light bulbs have popped on.

Frustrating as it is not being able to go out and do what I want, in some ways the forced stop has been beneficial because it has made me sit back and look at things I would have not thought about before. Who knows what I’ll have worked up by the time this is completely over.

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