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Funny sort of year, eh?

02 Nov

This last year, I’d got all sorts of plans when it started, but if someone said this time last year that I would be so far out of whack for things then I wouldn’t have believed them.

First off, that big gorilla, yeah, that one… Most of my summers are spent doing tour work, concerts and festivals; but this year the closest thing I’ve seen to a concert was two friends of mine strumming acoustic guitars and that was it. All them plans went straight out the window.

Then there was the weather, whilst we had some decent storms, we didn’t have any decently photogenic stuff, which in some cases seemed to fit the year perfectly. But this in itself has been a disappointment as I had built a new daylight photography rig for catching lightning but alas, nothing was doing so nothing happened there.

Then to compound all of that, I had my leg operated on, which was a long time coming but with the Coronavirus, just say it didn’t go quite to plan as whilst I as meant to be doing the outpatients and rehabilitation on it, the hospital went dark and I was out there on my own. That in itself was difficult, something that should have taken me no more than two weeks to overcome, in the end took me the better part of 4 months (as I’m still counting as I’m still not back to full strength with it).

However, all of this left me with a lot of time, so I started making new plans, and the biggest was getting in to astrophotography. Instead of jumping straight in and buying a heavy duty mount that has buttons and stuff on it, I had the time to sit down and build myself something. Still working on it, and it’s not perfect as most of it was scavenged out of the junk pile, but as each day goes past and I make more tweaks to the machine, it’s getting a lot better with what I’m learning and what I’m getting out of it.

Given the very limited scope of what I know in the night sky, apart from finding Polaris, the milky way and the planets, I don’t know much so I’m learning where is where and what is what as I go along. This here, it’s Sadr, the centre of the Cygnus constellation; this was done on my home brew beast for 12 minutes before the current (and hopefully soon resolved) faults became apparent.

So whilst this year has been a bum, it’s not been a complete washout as I’ve learned a lot of things and still am learning about them, finding new things to poke cameras at and when I’m not doing that, finding new ways to annoy the other half with clouds of solder flux emanating from the kitchen.

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