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Just a photo of a nebula.

13 Nov

I’m starting to enjoy working with this barn door tracker, sure it still needs a lot of improvement, but now that I’m starting to get a few results off of it, being stuck on the balcony at night isn’t a problem (well apart from whatever is causing massive magnetic interference on the north west corner of the building which has me flummoxed as it throws the compass off by about 100º)

Last night I took it out again, had a look at Orion, and whilst it’s still not brilliant (though I am using a really old camera whilst I’m testing) and I’m still getting used to post processing, etc… Here’s 59 minutes of 30 second subs at 200mm, then with darks over the top.

Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula Captured With Barn Door Tracker Project

I’ve still not managed to get further than 30 seconds properly with the 200mm on the tracker at the moment, but given time, good alignment and enough muddling around with code, I might be able to eek out a bit more.

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