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Nice feeling when things start working.

11 Nov

Over in the gadgets section of the site, I’ve been trialing and tribulating building a barn door tracker; which in itself isn’t a highly complex device, but then again when I start building things I do it so it’s the best it can be for the purpose.

Even if it is just with a couple of bits of wood, a hinge and a threaded rod!

Last night, I managed to get out a bit on the back last night, and after spending a bit getting things set up, which is a lot easier with having the mount and the hinge right I managed this…

Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s that buzz to getting things in order, and even though it’s only the third time I’ve spooled the machine up properly instead of in a testing manner, I’m not too disheartened by the result (there are still some bits of tracking error in here, but that’s to be expected with drift and the fact the lens is a bit heavy for the unit).

So, here’s Andromeda.

Andromeda Galaxy, Barn Door Tracker, ESP8266
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