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So much to do…

And not enough time to do it in! When I rebuilt this website, I sat down and made a plan of what I was going to get on here, and the list ran to quite a few things; however they say about plans and all… With all the things I wanted to do this year, […]

27 Aug
Don’t leave things to chance.

One thing that I always try and do with the storm photography, well, any type of photography is before I start and capture it is to make sure my equipment is ready. Here’s the thing, though, the best laid plans of mouse and man sometimes fall by the wayside because of something so stupid and […]

04 Jun
Andoer Pro Ballhead

25€ on a ball head, is it good or not? Lets find out… Over the last weekend I was out taking photos and noticed a crack on the clamp plate on my Benro IH2 head; which I didn’t think too much of as it still worked well and I could pick a new clamp up […]

19 May
Storm Time…

Or is it? That’s the same conundrum I’m faced with at this time of the year, every year; as sometimes here where I live the storms appear from about the end of April, sometimes they don’t hit in full swing until the beginning of June. Sometimes it’s the occasional one to start with, or other […]

19 May
Small camera, large area.

One of the most interesting things, so far, to come out of the post-lockdown period is how interesting the area where I live is. One limitation to all of it is that we have to stay within our municipal boundaries, if it was going for a stroll, it would be a single kilometre but for […]

04 May
Where to now?

It’s a good question! For the last load of years I was touring with Autoput, chasing storms and that was about it; but now, where do we go? Last year Autoput decided they were ending the touring and now this year we have this current lockdown; it’s a bit strange to say that I can […]

01 May
K&F Concept 10 Stop ND Filter

One of them things I’ve been wanting for a while is a 10 stop ND filter, and it’s been on the want list even though I don’t really use anything above three or four stops usually. Then last year I was off on holiday and decided to grab one quick off Amazon, and came across […]

27 Apr
Forced stop or unexpected opportunity?

If you’d have asked me six months back what I would be doing today; I doubt that I’d have even contemplated being stuck indoors with a virus rolling around the world. Perhaps being indoors recovering from an operation to the knee or perhaps getting back in to shape after being stuck in for the winter, […]

25 Apr
Another new website…

As it was, I wasn’t planning on doing this website; the idea was to just run my hosting package until the end of the contract and get rid of it. I really have had enough with doing websites for my own use, but… There’s always a but isn’t there? My other half decided that she […]

22 Apr