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Seems like a long hibernation…

After the interesting, in not a good way, situation of last year I’m finally starting to get around to being able to do more photography and creative work agian; though getting back in to it is slower than I’d thought it would be. One of the things I do for work has eaten up a […]

07 Jun
Well that escalated quickly…

The barn door project, still at it but hitting lots of limitations… What’s the solution? Well, in short, money… Throwing money at it, which at the moment with all the overtime I’ve had in doesn’t seem as fear provoking as it would have done this time last year; and as I’m wanting to push further […]

01 Feb
This astro stuff…

I thought when I built my Barn Door tracker, it’d be an exercise in mental and after a few runs with it, I’d be off doing something else, something that ate less time and threw in less frustration… Oddly, strangely, though I’ve got quite hooked with it, as when I’m done for a turn at […]

14 Dec
Just a photo of a nebula.

I’m starting to enjoy working with this barn door tracker, sure it still needs a lot of improvement, but now that I’m starting to get a few results off of it, being stuck on the balcony at night isn’t a problem (well apart from whatever is causing massive magnetic interference on the north west corner […]

13 Nov
Nice feeling when things start working.

Over in the gadgets section of the site, I’ve been trialing and tribulating building a barn door tracker; which in itself isn’t a highly complex device, but then again when I start building things I do it so it’s the best it can be for the purpose. Even if it is just with a couple […]

11 Nov
Funny sort of year, eh?

This last year, I’d got all sorts of plans when it started, but if someone said this time last year that I would be so far out of whack for things then I wouldn’t have believed them. First off, that big gorilla, yeah, that one… Most of my summers are spent doing tour work, concerts […]

02 Nov
Sirui L10 Monopod Head

Another day, another bit of metal to poke with a stick… For a long time, I’ve had Benro ball heads on my rigs, and I had a Manfrotto something or other monopod head in the basement; so when I decided to build my barn door tracker, instead of going all out and building an angled […]

10 Oct
So much to do…

And not enough time to do it in! When I rebuilt this website, I sat down and made a plan of what I was going to get on here, and the list ran to quite a few things; however they say about plans and all… With all the things I wanted to do this year, […]

27 Aug
Don’t leave things to chance.

One thing that I always try and do with the storm photography, well, any type of photography is before I start and capture it is to make sure my equipment is ready. Here’s the thing, though, the best laid plans of mouse and man sometimes fall by the wayside because of something so stupid and […]

04 Jun
Andoer Pro Ballhead

25€ on a ball head, is it good or not? Lets find out… Over the last weekend I was out taking photos and noticed a crack on the clamp plate on my Benro IH2 head; which I didn’t think too much of as it still worked well and I could pick a new clamp up […]

19 May