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Seems like a long hibernation…

07 Jun

After the interesting, in not a good way, situation of last year I’m finally starting to get around to being able to do more photography and creative work agian; though getting back in to it is slower than I’d thought it would be.

One of the things I do for work has eaten up a lot of my time, in a region of less than 40,000 people the usual work load of someone who works with the dead isn’t that much, I’m usually called out a couple of times a month to go and do things but during this pandemic it was all in all the time… And that has taken it’s toll not only on what I’ve been wanting to do but also the health as well; so it’s a double edged sword to recuperate.

First one off the list is the storms, usually I’m buzzing for when the thunderstorms show up, but this year it’s completely different. I just don’t feel like it, in part this is down to having the knee reconstructed again and walking is “different” and also what the storms were the counter release aren’t happening either. I’m not out doing crazy tours or shows, the occasional one yes, but not getting wound up to do stuff doesn’t need the counter point of unwinding…

So, that’s touring and storms off the agenda this year, who knows about next; I certainly don’t!

Now-a-days, I’m slowly drifting in to astrophotography as the fun stuff, but as we’re in cloud season then where I’d be usually happy because we’ve got storms kicking about is serving the alternate purpose of making me frustrated as I don’t want the storms but clear nights.

Electronics side of things, now I’m not doing as much lightning photography, I’m not tinkering trying to build a better mousetrap… However, with the astrophotography, if I can get time to work on things, there are plenty of bits that are on the list to build; auto-focusers, weather stations, auto-guider platforms (which in turn has put me on to the Raspberry Pi, and also is the guilty of another project I’ve got on the go at the moment invovling a printer) and whatever else.

I’ll probably have more on that later on in the year, but for now, just this and no photos!

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