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Small camera, large area.

04 May

One of the most interesting things, so far, to come out of the post-lockdown period is how interesting the area where I live is.

One limitation to all of it is that we have to stay within our municipal boundaries, if it was going for a stroll, it would be a single kilometre but for more sportive endeavours it’s a bit farther. And in this area there are plenty of paths to go off and do some hiking on.

This has given me a revelation in part as I’ve lived in the village close to 15 years and never really taken the time to go explore these little paths, the different tiers of the mountains, the areas around; and just being able to go off and follow a mapped (or in some cases un-mapped) trails in the area has required a companion.

Not talking about the other half there, as she’s tagging along anyway, but I’m talking about a camera. A few years back I invested in a little Fuji XE-2s with it’s kit lens, nothing spectacular there, but now with the weight and the size (or lack of in both departments) it’s turned in to a worthwhile investment. Normally if I’m healthy, which I’m not at the moment, but 50 days sat around doing not much of anything useful will do that to a person, taking an SLR, a heavy lens, tripod and whatever wouldn’t have been much a problem; but thankfully for all it’s flaws (I’m still preferential to an OVF and I’m still not completely sure about the odd arrangement of the sensor on the Fuji) having a little camera is paying dividends.

At the moment, the challenge I’ve set myself is to just get a single photo a day, which may seem easy but between huffing and puffing up and down paths after not doing anything for a while, it’s a bit more of a challenge.

On the other side of it, though, it has given me an eye opener to what is right on my doorstep and also (as in the second photo above) I’ve found some interesting things that really do warrant a return with the higher calibre hardware when the physical level, time and less constrictions are suitable.

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