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So much to do…

27 Aug

And not enough time to do it in!

When I rebuilt this website, I sat down and made a plan of what I was going to get on here, and the list ran to quite a few things; however they say about plans and all…

With all the things I wanted to do this year, I’ve not managed many what with the current situation with Covid 19 and also what should have been a routine operation on the leg turned in to something more nightmare and at present I’m more than content to sit on my backside feeding the eyeballs with Amazon Prime Video instead of doing anything else.

At the same time, what with having to slow down I’ve started to get interested in poking the camera in to the sky; so here’s a not so good blast at something whilst attempting to get my head around Sequator (which isn’t too hard, but packaging it up so it ran on a Mac was a bit more fun).

Hopefully soon enough the leg will be healed to an extent where I can think about taking more than one lens and a camera further than 1km from the front door as at the moment that’s all I can tolerate, and with this new found enjoyment of poking the camera in to the bit that is above the thunderstorms, I don’t know where it’ll go!

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