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Where to now?

01 May

It’s a good question!

For the last load of years I was touring with Autoput, chasing storms and that was about it; but now, where do we go?

Last year Autoput decided they were ending the touring and now this year we have this current lockdown; it’s a bit strange to say that I can see outside but can’t get there (at the moment)… I do have some ideas though, just have to check the feasibility of them.

At present, I don’t know, I don’t think anyone does, when there’ll be opportunity to get out on to the road, and also I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out chasing storms this year (find me a bit of wood and let me touch it).

Now, the ideas are turning to what can be done in doors, and really without making thousands of photos of the other half (that’s not an issue for me, her maybe) or blowing things up, I’m out of ideas for the time being. There’s just a few things more to update on the website, a few things to translate and that’s it done apart from the rolling package.

Any ideas for what to do which won’t blow the windows in to the street are much appreciated!

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